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Tableau Online KDA Embed

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This is a guide to embed Sisu key driver analysis results in Tableau. Sisu’s goal is to make it easy to arrive at insights about what’s driving metrics and then share them with stakeholders to inform decisions. Sisu aims to meet customers where they are in their tools of choice. 

At this time, embedding Sisu key driver facts and waterfall charts in Tableau Online is supported. 

  1. Authenticate in Sisu and Tableau Online. 
  2. Open or create a dashboard in Tableau Online. It’s possible to embed Sisu result tiles by pasting a URL into a “Web Page” object.                                                                                                       Screen_Shot_2022-05-06_at_4.43.21_PM.png
  3. Open a new or existing analysis in Sisu and run it. Screen_Shot_2022-05-06_at_4.43.32_PM.png
  4. To embed a Sisu fact detail result with the subgroup competitor chart in a Tableau dashboard, click a fact to open the fact detail modal, click “Add to dashboard”, and then “Embed Sisu”.Screen_Shot_2022-05-06_at_4.43.37_PM.png
  5. Similarly, copy the embed link for a waterfall chart via “Add to dashboard” to embed it. Screen_Shot_2022-05-06_at_4.43.41_PM.png
  6. Now, paste the embed URL into a “Web Page” object in the Tableau Online dashboard. Screen_Shot_2022-05-06_at_4.43.46_PM.png
  7. The “View in Sisu” link allows a Sisu user to open the original analysis in Sisu. Results will refresh in the dashboard. Keep in mind that any changes to the original analysis will be reflected.Screen_Shot_2022-05-06_at_4.43.51_PM.png
  8. Publish the Tableau Online dashboard and share it with stakeholders. The tiles are responsive to hovering and changes like sorting. The tiles can always be replaced or added to with new links as analysis iteration continues.Screen_Shot_2022-05-06_at_4.43.55_PM.png