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Connecting to Databricks

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Sisu allows you to connect to your data in Databricks.


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To connect to Databricks, Sisu requires a minimum level of permissions. This is accomplished through the creation of Roles and Users within the Databricks UI. Please contact with any questions for your Databricks setup.


Step 1:  Determine Database, Schema and Tables

Sisu accesses the data stored within Databricks to run analysis. To ensure Sisu only has access to the correct data, it is recommended to limit the access to the appropriate database, schema, or specific tables that will be used by Sisu. 


Step 2:  Create Sisu Role, User, and Warehouse

Sisu recommends creating a role that has access to a single database where the appropriate data has been stored. 


Step 3:  Add Databricks Data Source in Sisu

To add Databricks as a Data Source in Sisu:

  1. In the Sisu data library, at the top of the screen, click Data sources page, then click "+ New data source". 

  2. Select “Databricks” from the Select data source dropdown, and fill in the following information as described below.


    The hostname of the server (from the Databricks UI)

    Port The port of the server (often 15001)

    Database Name

    The database name defined in the query.

    Token The authentication token for the service account to access Sisu


    Location of the data files

    Display Name

    How the source will be displayed in Sisu.

    Restrict access

    Use this option to select the Roles that can access this data.


    tip_icon_-_small.png Check Restrict Access if you want to restrict this data source to specific users.


  3. Click Add.


info_icon.png If you experience any issues, please contact Sisu at