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Creating & Managing Dashboards

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Sisu Dashboards provide an easy way to visualize your metrics and track any changes over time, giving stakeholders access to a curated representation of the data.

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Creating a Dashboard

To create a Dashboard:

  1. Click the “Dashboards” icon in the left navigation, then click New dashboard.
    The Create New Dashboard modal will be displayed.


  2. Type a name and an optional description for the Dashboard, then click Save.
    The new Dashboard will be listed in your Dashboards list.

    tip_icon.png Sisu recommends being as descriptive as possible with the name and description, so that others on your team can easily identify the content.


  3. Click on the Dashboard name to open and view its content.

    info_icon.png Refer to Adding Exploration Tiles to Your Dashboard for information about populating your Dashboard. Note that you can also create new Dashboards during this process.



Editing or Deleting a Dashboard

To edit or delete a Dashboard:

  1. Click the <...> icon for the Dashboard, and select Edit or Delete.
    Clicking Edit will open the Edit Dashboard Info modal, where you can change the Dashboard’s name or description.



Running All Tiles on the Dashboard

To run and refresh all tiles on the Dashboard on demand:

  1. Click Run at the top of the Dashboard.


    All Dashboard tiles (Explorations) will be updated.

    info_icon.png Note that this action will also run and update underlying Exploration itself.

Scheduling Auto-Run for the Entire Dashboard

To schedule your Dashboard to auto-run at a specified time:

  1. Select the Calendar option in the upper right corner of the Dashboard, and define your schedule as desired.

    All tiles on Dashboard will be run and refreshed according to the schedule as defined.

    info_icon.png Note that this action will also run and update the underlying Explorations as well.

    Furthermore, if a tile has been added to multiple Dashboards, updating the schedule settings in one dashboard will update tiles in the other Dashboards as well.