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Adding Exploration Tiles to a Dashboard

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Sisu allows you to add any Exploration you create as a tile to your dashboard, where it can be shared with other team members.


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Adding an Exploration Tile to Your Dashboard

To add an Exploration Tile to your Dashboard:

  1. From within any Exploration, click one of the two “pin” icons provided.


  2. In the modal, either check one of your existing Dashboards, or click + New dashboard to create a new Dashboard.


  3. Hover over the selected Dashboard, and click the arrow to view the new tile in the selected Dashboard.

    warning_icon.png When an Exploration is added to a Dashboard, Sisu provides a warning message on the Exploration letting you know that if you wish to make changes to this Exploration in the future without affecting the new Dashboard tile, you should click “Duplicate exploration” and make your edits on the duplicate.