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Understanding Explorations

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Sisu Explorations provide an intuitive way for you to explore, visualize, and understand what is happening to your data.


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Understanding Explorations

Sisu Explorations enable you to slice and dice your data manually. You can select the metric or dimension you want to explore, add or pivot by dimensions, and define filters—all without any SQL. You can then run the Exploration and visualize the output in table format and as various graph types that can be added to a dashboard and shared with other team members.

tip_icon.png Use Explorations when you want to understand WHAT is happening to your data. As you are exploring your data in an Exploration, you can automatically create a Key Driver Analysis for any segment of interest to learn what drivers are affecting that segment.



Sample Exploration

Below is a sample Exploration exploring the Average Order Value (the metric being analyzed) by List SKU and Order Channel. In this case the data is being pivoted by Order Channel.


tip_icon.png To begin creating your own Explorations, refer to Creating an Exploration.

Sample Dashboard

The following images show a sample Dashboard of visualizations created from Explorations. Dashboards are shared with your organization.



tip_icon.png To add Explorations to your Dashboard, refer to Adding Explorations to Your Dashboard.