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Deleting Data from a CSV File

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Sisu allows you to delete uploaded CSV files that are no longer in use.

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Deleting a CSV Data File to Sisu

To delete a CSV file from Sisu:


  1. Go to:  Main Menu > Data tab, then click Manage Queries next to the Uploaded Dataset you wish to delete.
    tip_icon_-_small.png The Delete button next to the Manage Queries button deletes the entire data source, including all CSVs uploaded to the database. In this case you wish to delete only one CSV file, so click Manage Queries.

  2. In the “Uploaded CSVs” section in the bottom left, select “Delete Upload” from the <...> menu next to the CSV file you wish to delete.


    If the data in the CSV is being used in an existing Metric, a message will be displayed, letting you know that the associated Metric will also be deleted.


    If this is your intention, Click Delete and the CSV file will be deleted from Sisu.