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Exploring & Drilling Down into a Fact

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Sisu provides the ability to dig down deeper into a fact to fully understand the drivers within a subgroup.

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Viewing a Fact’s Detail

From the Top Drivers subtab on any analysis, click on any Subgroup (fact) in the list to view its detail page. The information might be presented slightly differently based on the type of subgroup you click, but in all cases, Sisu provides the same general sections on the page as shown in the examples below.

By default, the All column values tab is active:



The Performance over Time tab provides data visualization comparing the data in your defined time periods.



The Rows preview tab to display information for all rows in the Subgroup in table format:



Because Sisu has scanned through every possible combination to complete the Analysis, in the bottom section of this screen breaks down the same statistics for each constituent group, allowing you to compare the selected subgroup across all other possible values.

tip_icon_-_small.png Refer to Sisu Glossary for details of various terms used on this screen.



Drilling Down into a Fact

From the Top Drivers subtab on any Analysis, Sisu provides the ability to “drill down” further into any subgroup (fact) by clicking its drill down icon.



This menu provides two options:

  1. The ability to drill down further on this fact within this Analysis.
  2. Create a new Analysis based on this one (basically a copy), so you can then select this fact in the new Analysis and drill down further on it without affecting the current Analysis.

In either case, the drilldown option opens the Custom filters for the Analysis, with the filters appropriate to the subgroup you selected.

tip_icon_-_small.png Refer to Setting Custom Filters for details on how to set filters.

For example, in the image above, we clicked on “ORDER_STORE_CITY = New York”, and the following filters are opened in the Custom filter menu at the top:



To define the fact in the Top Drivers table that we clicked to drill down into, a filter for “ORDER_STORE_CITY = New York” was used.

Using this menu, you can filter the data in your analysis and create comparison groups using a combination of AND and OR filters. This allows you to further drill down into this fact. 

For example, you might want to add a time constraint to this fact to learn about sales after a certain date affect the results:



tip_icon_-_small.png Refer to Setting Custom Filters for details on how to set multiple AND / OR nested filters.