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Creating & Managing a Factboard

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Sisu provides a method for collecting important Facts together, called a “Factboard”. The Factboard is accessible by all users with access to the Project, and is a handy tool for tracking Facts important to your organization or team.


tip_icon_-_small.png Use Factboards in combination with Comments to maximize communication and collaboration.


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Add a Fact to a Factboard

To create a Factboard or add a Fact to an existing Factboard:

  1. Access any Analysis.
  2. In the Fact Table, click the <...> menu for a Fact that you’d like to add to a Factboard, then select Add to Factboard.


  3. Click +Create new to display the Create new factboard modal.



    If your organization already has one or more Factboards created, they will appear above Create New, and you can select the one you want.

    If the Fact is already added to a Fact Board, that Factboard’s checkbox will be selected.

  4. Enter a Name and Description for the Fact Board, then click Save.
    The Fact will be added to the Factboard.

Viewing and Managing a Factboard

To view a Factboard:

  1. In the Metrics panel, click to expand the Factboard at the bottom.


  2. Click on the Factboard name that you’d like to view.
    The Factboard will be displayed in the panel on the right.


  3. Click on any Metric in the Metric panel to return to normal view.