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Configuring a Dynamic Time Period

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Dynamic time comparison makes it easy to select time periods for your analyses. You can choose preset or custom periods and Sisu will automatically update your dates. 


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Setting Up a Time Comparison

To set up a dynamic time comparison in Sisu:

  1. Open an existing Analysis or create a new Analysis.
  2. Click Compare, then click Time periods.Select_Compare_Time_Periods.png

  3. Select date ranges for current (orange) and previous (purple) period using the date boxes or the calendar. You can also select options from the list on the left side.

    tip_icon_-_small.png When using Custom time periods, you can turn on the Use rolling custom toggle to have Sisu “roll” the time periods each day. With the rolling setting on, both the current and previous time period start dates will update by one day, and each day after that, creating a “rolling” time period.

    warning_icon.png If you select overlapping or invalid time periods, the software will attempt to automatically correct the error. If it cannot, you’ll see a warning to fix the periods before saving.

  4. Click Save to keep the settings, or click Save and run to launch a time comparison using the selected periods.



    • If you choose a preset time period like “Last week”, your time periods will automatically update as actual time progresses. This means you don’t have to go back in the software and change your date selection once time passes; it’ll update based on the chosen time period logic.
    • If you choose a period in the ‘Custom’ interface, you’ll need to enable ‘Rolling’ for the periods to dynamically update.
    • When you click Save, you’ll see an indication on the ‘Compare’ button that time comparison is enabled. You can then click Run too.
    • Click Reset to clear your settings.