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Understanding Facts

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Sisu presents Facts about your data to make it easy to determine where you want to focus your efforts in improving performance in your organization.

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Understanding Facts

In all Analysis Types, Sisu analyzes your data to find Subgroups of data that impact your Metric either positively or negatively. These Subgroups are presented as “Facts” in the Fact Table (also referred to as the Top Drivers tab), which is the first subtab in any Analysis, open by default. Facts in Sisu are statistically significant subgroups identified by Sisu, which either uses a statistical model to identify Top Drivers, or by reporting all Subgroups using no model.

The following image shows the Top Drivers for a General Performance Analysis, whose Metric is “Average Order Value” for digital orders.



Looking at the first Subgroup in the table, Sisu identified that orders with only one item (ORDER_SINGLE_ITEM=true) had a significant impact on performance of the Metric. You may determine that this fact is important to look into, since it negatively impacted the overall Metric of Average Order Value for digital projects quite a bit.

tip_icon.png Sisu groups facts together to make the table easier to read. Expand grouped facts to reveal further details. Refer to Exploring Grouped Facts for more information.


Let’s look at a Time Comparison Analysis, which sought to compare the same Metric performance between two time periods.


Facts are displayed similarly for Group Comparison Analyses, comparing Group A to Group B.