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Inviting New Users to Sisu

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It’s easy to invite users to collaborate and use your Sisu Analyses.


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Inviting a New User to Sisu

To invite a new user to Sisu:

  1. Go to:  Profile Menu > Administration


  2. Select Members, then click Invite Members.
    The Invite members to Sisu modal will be displayed.


  3. Enter the email address or addresses that you wish to invite to Sisu.
    Separate addresses with a comma or use the return key.

    For security reasons you can only invite people with email addresses within your organization’s domain.

    If you need to invite someone outside of your domain, please contact for assistance.


  4. Select the role or roles you wish for this member(s) to have.
  5. Click Invite members to Sisu.
    The new members will receive an invitation email, and can complete the sign-up process from there.


    The new member will be listed in your Members list with the label “Pending invite”.