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Previewing the Underlying Data Table

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Sisu allows you to preview and validate data tables used for metrics in a variety of ways.


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Previewing Data for an Existing Metric

To view the data table for an existing Metric: 

If metrics have already been configured, users can choose a metric on the left pane while the right pane will then show all analyses related to that metric. The bottom pane a tab that says Table preview can be seen. Upon clicking this tab, Sisu will preview the first 100 rows in the table configured for the metric.  

  1. From the Projects module, select the Project Name that contains the metric desired.

  2. Select the desired Metric from the Metrics panel on the left, select the Table preview subtab to view the Data Table preview for the Metric.


    Note that if a query has been created for the Metric selected, the Table Preview subtab will not be displayed. (The Query preview and Query subtabs will be displayed instead.)

    To preview the Data Table in this case, follow the steps described in the Previewing Data from the Data Module section above.

Previewing Data from the Data Module

Before creating a metric, it’s often useful to preview and investigate the data. 

To preview your data from the Data Module:

  1. Go to the Data module, and select Manage Queries for the the Data Source that contains the tables you wish to preview.

    The Manage data sources screen will be displayed.

  2. Click on the table name you wish to preview in the Tables panel at the bottom left to display the Table.

    The first 100 rows or your data will be displayed. Use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom to view all columns within the window.


    Note that you can create and manage queries for this Data Source from this screen as well. Refer to Creating & Managing Queries for details.