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Setting Nested Filters

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Sisu provides the ability to set nested filters when defining and iterating on your analysis or drilling down into a fact.


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Using Nested Filters for Defining Custom Filters

When setting filters or defining groups to compare, you can use a combination of AND and OR filters (referred to as nested filters). 

For example, the following nested filters will return shirts that are either red or blue:



Using Nested Filters for Defining Group Comparison

Nested filters can be particularly useful when defining groups to compare in a Group Comparison Analysis.  

For example, the following settings will compare red t-shirts to red dress shirts or blouses:



Filtering Syntax

You can filter by:

  • a single condition
    (color = blue)
  • a set of OR conditions
    (color = blue OR color = red OR ...)
  • a set of AND conditions
    (color = blue AND color = red AND ...)
  • sets of single or OR conditions joined by ANDs
    ((color = blue OR color = red) AND (style = shirt) AND ...)
info_icon.png Within each OR or AND set there is no limit on the number of conditions.

Each condition can use the following relational operators:

  • Equal (=)
  • Not equal (≠)
  • Less than (<)
  • Less than or equal (≤)
  • Greater than (>)
  • Greater than or equal (≤)

Columns and values used in conditions are populated from the Metric's data source. Sisu users can also create a custom value.

Sisu conditions cannot currently compare against "empty value". If you would like to filter out empty values for a particular column, Sisu recommends defining a special character in your data source.

tip_icon_-_small.png Be sure to pay attention to the ORDER in which you set the filters. Creating the filters in the wrong order could have unintended results, or cause an error message if the logic is faulty.




If when saving a filter or group comparison, Sisu shows an "Invalid filters" error:

  • Ensure any custom created values match the data type of their column. For example, "red" is not a valid value for a column with type "boolean".
  • Ensure all filters have a value.



If when saving a filter or group comparison, Sisu shows an "Error occurred while saving" error:

  • Ensure you have a valid network connection and try saving again.