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Editing a Metric's Underlying Query

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As you study your Analyses, you may identify a need to adjust the underlying query of a Metric to get the information you need.


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Editing the Underlying Query of a Metric

To edit the underlying query of a Metric:

  1. Go to the Projects module, and select  a Project that contains the Metric you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit main query from the “...” menu for the Metric you wish to edit.


    The query window containing the existing query will be displayed:



    A query that has been used in an Analysis can only be altered in one way: by adding new columns.

    Changing column datatypes, renaming columns, or removing columns cannot be performed as long as an active Analysis is using the query as its data source.

    If the Metric is being used by an existing Analysis, the follow message will be displayed in the query window.


  3. Make the desired edits to the query.
  4. Click the Save query button at the top left, and select the appropriate option as described below.


    Save and back to analysis

    Click to alter the underlying data source of any analysis using a Metric with this query.  

    This will require manual alterations to add the new column(s), which can be performed by navigating back to the analysis and selecting the new column(s) within the Manage Columns dropdown.

    Save as new

    Click to save the altered query as a new query that can be used in new Analyses without impacting any existing Analyses.


    Click to remove any changes made and reset the query back to the original state.

  5. If desired, click Run to re-run the Analysis.