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Connecting to Google BigQuery

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Sisu allows you to connect to your data in Google BigQuery.


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Connection Requirements

To connect to BigQuery, Sisu requires a minimum level of permissions. This is accomplished using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Service Accounts, which allow for permissions to be assigned to application connections instead of users. 

It is recommended that you create a new Service Account for Sisu. For more information on creating a Service Account, please refer to the Google GCP Documentation here.


Step 1: Service Account Permissions


The individual creating this Service Account will need to have Owner permissions on the BigQuery Project and also will need to enable the BigQuery API. To accomplish this, please refer to the Google GCP Documentation here.

Create a new Service Account and assign it the permissions listed below. These are required so the Service Account can access BigQuery and query the necessary data for Sisu analysis. For information about these roles and permissions, please refer to the BigQuery predefined IAM roles documentation.

  • BigQuery Data Viewer
  • BigQuery Job User
  • BigQuery Read Session User
  • BigQuery Resource Viewer


Step 2: Gather Connection Information

  1. Navigate to the newly created Service Account and access the 'Keys' subpage
    This should be empty.
  2. Select the Add Key option and use JSON as the format for the key.
    This will create and download a private JSON key used for the Service Account. 


    warning_icon.png WARNING:  This key cannot be recovered if lost!

    info_icon.png For more information on creating Service Accounts, please refer to the Google GCP Documentation here.

  3. In the BigQuery project, take note of the ProjectID and write it down.
    This will be used in conjunction with the JSON Key for the Sisu connection.



    At the end of this step, the following information should have been obtained, which will be used in the next step:

    • Project ID
    • Service account credentials file (JSON)

Step 3: Grant permissions to the dataset

  1. Navigate to the BigQuery console in order to assign the appropriate permissions to the Sisu Service Account. 
  2. Follow the steps below to share the dataset with the Service Account.
    If multiple datasets need to be assigned to the Service account, repeat these steps multiple times. 


    info_icon.png For more information on granting access to datasets, please refer to the BigQuery Controlling access to datasets documentation.

Step 4:  Add Google BigQuery Data Source in Sisu

To add Google BigQuery as a Data Source in Sisu:

  1. In the main Sisu menu at the top of the screen, click Data sources page, then click "+ New data source".


  2. Select “BigQuery” from the Select data source dropdown, and fill in the following information as described below.
  3. Fill in the Project Id and upload the JSON file downloaded during the Service Account Permission step above.


    tip_icon_-_small.png Check Restrict Access if you want to restrict this data source to specific users.

  4.  Click Add.

    info_icon.png If you experience any issues, please contact the Google Cloud Platform administrator, or send Sisu an email at