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Understanding Data & Data Sources in Sisu

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Sisu harnesses the power of your data, so that you can understand hidden details about your business and make informed operational and strategic decisions that will help you scale and stay ahead of your competition.

But first, you have to get that data into Sisu. You can do that in one of two ways:  either upload the data directly into Sisu from a CSV file, or connect to your organization’s data source. 


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Uploading Data to Sisu

If your data exists in a spreadsheet, you can manually upload the data directly into Sisu. Please refer to  Uploading Data from a CSV File for instructions.


Connecting to an Existing Data Source

If your organization uses an external data warehousing service, you can connect that data source to Sisu without the need to export and import the data manually. 

This method has many advantages -- perhaps the biggest one is that the connection enables your Sisu analyses to update as frequently as your data tables update. For example, if your data is updating on a continuous basis, you can set Sisu to automatically update as well.

Currently, Sisu supports connecting to the data sources listed below. Use these links for complete instructions for each data source.

tip_icon.png To request a data source not in this list, please send email to