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Exploring Grouped Facts

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Sisu allows you to view individual Subgroups within a Grouped Fact.

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Exploring Grouped Facts

In all Analysis Types, Sisu mines your data to find Subgroups of data that impact your Metric either positively or negatively. These Subgroups are presented as “Facts” in the Fact Table (also referred to as the Top Drivers tab), which is the first tab, open by default.


By default, Sisu groups facts together when there are overlapping factors. For example, in the following case:

  • gender=M
    • gender=M, state=CA
    • gender=M, product_category=chocolate

Each of the facts above are identified by Sisu as separate facts, each with their own stats and impact values. However, Sisu also grouped the two facts with an overlapping factor (you can think of them as “child facts”) into one “parent fact”:  gender=M.  Since “males in the state of California” and “males purchasing chocolate products” both also contain “males”, Sisu grouped them together to show you that this combination of facts had a certain impact on your KPI.

You can expand these grouped facts by clicking on the expand/collapse icons:


Alternately, you can ungroup all Facts for the entire table by clicking the Group rows toggle, which will display all Subgroups individually:


tip_icon_-_small.png Explore Grouped Facts to learn more details about what is driving your Metric.