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Connecting to PostgreSQL

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Sisu allows you to connect to your data in PostgreSQ.


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Step 1:  Create Sisu User in PostgreSQL

Create a Username and Password for Sisu to access to PostgreSQL. 

While there note the following information, which you’ll use in the next step.

  • Host or IP address for your PostgreSQL instance 
  • Port
  • Database Name
  • Username & Password of the Sisu user you created 
  • Data source name (the name for the connection that Sisu shows in the data source listings, which can be anything you like)

Step 2:  Add PostgreSQL Data Source in Sisu

  1. In the main Sisu menu at the top of the screen, click Data sources page, then click "+ New data source".


  2. Select “PostgreSQL” from the Select data source dropdown, and fill in the following information as described below.


    tip_icon_-_small.png Check Restrict Access if you want to restrict this data source to specific users.

  3. Click Add.

    info_icon.png If you experience any issues, please contact Sisu at