Configuring an analysis: Time Comparison

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Time Comparison Analysis

What is a time comparison?

Time comparison analysis is one of the three analysis types that Sisu can run. In it, the data in two periods of time are compared against each other. Sisu goes through all of the possible combinations in each of the periods of time, determines the relevant statistics for each subpopulation, and then uses our algorithm to determine which subpopulations are statistically significant. Statistical significance can be driven from changes in metric calculation, subpopulation size, or combination of the two.


How to configure

Inside of the analysis, select "Compare".




In the dropdown menu choosing what to compare, select "Time Periods". This will open the Time Comparison window and the following options will become visible:




Time Comparison analysis is configured by setting a current and previous time period. The default date that is given for the start of most recent period is the current date. To select any given period, ensure that the start of the most recent period is the first date of said period. For example, selecting 01/01/2021 would be used for selecting the month of January.


The length of the most recent period is then selected. The default options are 1, 7, and 28 days. 




Finally, select what the comparison period will be. This will define whether you are looking at the previous period, same period last year, or any other custom period of time.




Once the selection is finalized, select "Save and Run" to update the analysis.