Configuring an analysis: Group Comparison

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Group Comparison Analysis

What is a group comparison?

Group comparison analysis is one of the three analysis types that Sisu can run. In it, the data between groups are compared against each other. Sisu goes through all possible combinations in each of the groups, determines the relevant statistics for each subpopulation, and then uses our algorithm to determine which subpopulations are statistically significant. Statistical significance can be driven from changes in metric calculation, subpopulation size, or combination of the two.

Groups are mutually exclusive subpopulations of data. Common examples of this are:

  • Sales from TX versus Sales from CA 
  • Completed orders versus uncompleted orders
  • Sessions that converted versus sessions that did not convert


How to configure

Inside of the analysis, select "Compare".


In the drop down menu, select "Groups". The two options that become available, Group A and Group B, will be used to set the mutually exclusive groups. 


The "Where" selection has three options: 

  • "Select column" - The dropdown will reveal all columns in the dataset. The desired column to define the group should be selected.


  • Mathematical Symbol - The dropdown will reveal the mathematical symbols that can be selected. This includes equal to, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to, less than, greater than, and not equal to.


  • "Select value" - For equals to and not equals to, this dropdown will reveal all values in the field and the value selected will create the group. 


Once the selection is finalized, select "Save and Run" to update analysis.